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 The following have presented or are scheduled to speak at BNARGS meetings

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John Spain: Succulents for the garden more
Alan Bradshaw: Western Plants
Josef Halda: Plants of Central Asia, Plants of the Balkans
Joe Strauch: Gardens Near and Far more
Lola Lloyd Horwitz more My Doing and Undoing: A Garden in Change.
Pam Everleigh, NARGS tour speaker, more  Primula Allionii


Jan Sacks & Marty Shafer Small Irises


Russell Stafford Bulbs & Companion Plants for Late Winter Display more
Harvey Wrightman more & Maria Galleti more
James Locklear, more Nebraska Statewide Arboretum more
Jody Payne, Curator of the NYBG Rock Garden more
Ellen Hornig, Seneca Hills Perennials more
Janis Ruksans, propagator and author more
Bill Mathis, The Wild Orchid Company more


Harvey Wrightman Propagation techniques & Tufa workshop more
Elisabeth Zander Digital Photography more
Ann Spiegel Androsace and Douglasia
Don Dembowski Woodland Gems more
Richard May Evermay nursery, Bangor, Maine more
Darrell Probst and John Bieber  Daphnes & more. more
C. Colston Burrell Hellebores more


Maria Galetti 'Arctic Alpines of Newfoundland' & 'From the Summit of Mount Olympus to Patagonia, Argentina'.more
Joe Strauch  'Plant hunting in Western Newfoundland' more
Bobby Ward  'The Plant Hunter's Garden' more
Richard May Evermay nursery, Bangor, Maine; Primulas more
Geoffrey Charlesworth 'Gardens of the World'
John Spain  Hardy troughs and Cactus Gardens more
Mike Slater  'Rocks and Plants, Perfect Together.' more
Karen Bussolini 'Elegant Silvers'
Rick Lupp  Growing Seed in Sand Beds more


Carlo Balistrieri "Rock Garden at the NY Botanical Garden" more
Harvey Wrightman "Dry land plants for wetter climates" more
Dr John T Lonsdale "Cyclamen and choice bulbs" & "Woodland plants" more
Elisabeth Zander (Harmon) "Czech gardens, the Dolomites" more
Erica Schumacher "From Spring to Snow: A year in my yard" more
Gerry Stephen "Plants of the Dolomites" & "Mediterranean plants" more
Phyllis Gustafson "Astounding Gardens; Amazing Plants"more

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